About Team Rosillo

Team Rosillo

Rick and Pat`s journey is truly remarkable, spanning over 40 years of partnership and shared experiences. Starting their careers in the technology industry, they eventually made a pivotal decision to transition into the real estate field, where they found their true calling.

Having grown up in Seattle, their journey took them through various corporate moves across the western United States. However, they eventually settled in the Palm Springs area in 2000, finding a place they could call their ideal home. This move marked a turning point in their lives, leading them towards pursuing their passion for real estate.

Pat took the initiative to chase her lifelong dream of becoming a licensed real estate agent. Following her lead, Rick followed suit and obtained his Broker`s license. This dynamic duo then embarked on a successful journey as real estate professionals, specializing in representing both buyers and sellers in a diverse range of properties – from modest condos to luxury homes, spanning the region from Palm Springs to La Quinta.

Their extensive background in sales, marketing, and small business ownership has provided them with a unique skill set that they`ve seamlessly integrated into their real estate careers. This translates into a positive and well-rounded experience for their clients. With their deep understanding of the local market, adept negotiation skills, and unwavering attention to detail, Rick and Pat have proven themselves to be invaluable allies for anyone navigating the intricate world of real estate sales.

Their long-standing partnership, combined with their dedication to their clients, positions them as trusted professionals who are genuinely invested in achieving the best outcomes for those they serve. Whether buying or selling, Rick and Pat`s expertise and guidance make them the go-to choice for anyone seeking a successful and rewarding real estate journey in the Palm Springs area.

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